Book Review: Walking Among the Cherry Trees


3.5 Stars ★★★☆☆

After reading this book I must say it was a good relaxing read. I fell in love with CJ’s character (a 10 year old boy wise beyond his years). I must say though I had a hard time connecting a few things. I felt that sometimes the writing style got mixed up between sweet and angsty to just… ugh something else I can’t pin point right now.

Morgan is a sweet woman split in two. For one, she has been driven by her father to become this overworked CEO shell of a woman in the heart of New York. She is cold and, dare I say, bitter. Her heart was broken 10 years ago and there is no room for vulnerability. She receives the news of her grandmother’s passing and finds out she is left with a house and a key to a security deposit box holding a life changing secret. This means she will have to go back to Cherryville where she used to spend her summers with her grandmother and, her first love,  Taylor Cook.

Cherryville brings out the real her along with a lot of painful memories of first love and heartbreak. I loved the way Morgan and Taylor met, how their relationship evolved as they grew up. From childhood friends to first love, to first heartbreak, to second chances. No cliffhanger HEA.

Book 2 is about Tyler Cook and the teaser at the end of the book made me curious. Looking forward to more from the Cook brothers ^_^

•~I leave you with the book trailer~•


I received a copy of this book for an honest review.


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