Book Review: No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae


5 Stars ★★★★★

Title: No Interest In Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Cassie Mae
Release Date: 12/15/2015


Our Characters:





He’s just a good guy playing the role of a player to safeguard his heart.










She is spunky and outspoken.

Book Review:

5 Stars ★★★★★


I have read a few of Cassie Mae’s books and she is yet to disappoint. I will start by saying that I loved this book. I loved the interaction between the characters and the situations they found themselves in where hilarious.

The book is told completely from Jace’s POV except the last chapter. Apart from being a player, Jace is a sweet guy trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) not to be attracted to Shay. He describes himself as a “talented, witty and hilarious guy that doesn’t get suckered into love”. Shay is described as “an organized, short, oddly- dressed Korean girl who can dish out as much shit as she can take”. I must say that in the beginning Shay was a bit hard to like given that she has a tough exterior, but as you start peeling off her layers you come to find a girl looking for love.

I love the witty banter these two share. They are sarcastic and funny together. I really enjoyed how they fell in love. Most of all I enjoyed all of the How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) references (bad decisions happen after 2am). Jace leads his life following every page of the Stinson Bible or The Playbook and the Bro Code. I found the HIMYM references hilarious and in the end one of these references makes it all sigh worthy.

Don’t wait any more… I challenge you to read this book!


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Quotes I Loved:


Shay: “When life hands you lemons, you shut up and be grateful for those lemons because life hands over absolutely nothing sometimes, Jace.”

Jace: “At least she’s warm. And she looks like a normal girl when she’s asleep. Like the Venus flytrap… one poke at the innocent looking thing and you awaken the beast”

Jace: “But adorable women… I avoid adorable women. I run for the hills, leaving Jace-shaped holes everywhere I go. Adorable women hypnotize you with their innocent-looking grins and big doe eyes. They’re the ones that catch you in their snares, holding onto your heart and squeezing it too tight when they cry or get hurt. Then squeeze even harder when they’re happy or excited.”

Remember those HIMYM references? Here’s one:

Jace: “I said no to a sure thing. I said no for the chance at a very unlikely thing. For the first time I want to be Ted, not Barney. I don’t want to take the Stinson Approach. I want my own approach to this. No script no set characters…”

Jace and Shay:

Shay- “You’re… not supposed to fall for me, I’m not the love interest.”

Jace- “Really? Because I’m sure interested in you.”




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