Book Review: Redemptive by Jay McLean


5 Stars ★★★★★

Title: Redemptive 

Genre: New Adult Romance
Author: Jay McLean
Release Date: 3/8/16

So it’s safe to say that I’m in a weird state of suspense, anger and confusion. Again I ended up with a big cliffhanger. I got answers to the million questions I had after reading Combative, but I ended up with a million more!

The book picks up six years before Combative and it gives so much insight as to why Madison/Bailey is the way she is. To say that she got into a messed up situation is an understatement. I’m still grasping at straws as to where this will lead! In Combative she meets and falls for Ky. So I really didn’t expect what I got in Redemptive.

Redemptive is Madison’s past, her story as Bailey and how Madison came to be. We also get a peek in Nate DeLuca’s mind and what we find is so much more. So now we have a love triangle and while I wanted to stay loyal to Ky and Madison I can’t help but fall for Nate and Bailey.

Bailey and Nate meet under uncommon circumstances and while they are stuck living together for their own protection they fall for each other. While they have a beautiful kind of love, the situations brought on by the circumstances they met in make it all so painful and dysfunctional.These characters are both damaged and beautifully imperfect. It’s angsty and tragic and beautiful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jay will do with this story. How will she end it? Where will all these twists and turns take Ky, Bailey and Nate? I honestly have no idea. I’m at a loss of possibilities. I couldn’t predict anything that happened up to this point and I won’t even pretend I know how this will end.

Read this book with an open mind, let the twists and turns flow and let the words weave their way. They will take you on a journey with unexpected stops. If you loved Ky, but now you are rooting for Nate don’t question it. Jay McLean has yet to disappoint.

Book 3 is called Destructive and I want it yesterday!


Fave Quotes

“What are you thinking?” I exhaled loudly but refused to look up at him. “How wrong this is.” His hand froze in my hair, along with the rest of him. “Funny. I was just thinking how right it was.”

“In our minds, the lies we lived created the perfect balance between chaos and calm. And while the chaos could kill us, the calm had us aching for one more second, one more moment of self destruction.”

“I know you think I saved your life, but the truth is, you saved mine. You’re the only freedom I’ve ever known, Bailey.”


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**ARC generously provided by Jay McLean in exchange for an honest review.**


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